Titleist Building System offers a complete range of architectural services through initial pre-design strategic preparing through construction administration.

  • Construction Administration – Frequent visits on-site to monitor and manage the progress of all construction phases.
  • Design Build Services – Direct relationship to our design-build partners for a one contact process to our customers.
  • Evaluation of Construction Documents – A complete review of all required documentation.
  • Feasibility Studies – Development of original designs containing schematic architecture drawings, site plans, and environmental studies to support owners in examining the viability of recommended projects.
  • Interior Design – Total space planning, design and selection of systems, furnishings and finishes, custom furnishing design as well as the procurement of the furnishings, finishes, fixtures and equipment.
  • Master Planning – The layout of the site strategy, construction massing, landscape design, site traffic system as well as utility infrastructure to suit organized future development.
  • Owner Representation – Evaluation of all documents, specs, agreements, schedules and change orders.
  • Programming – Analysis of the customers’ operations to define necessary space requirements, environmental requirements, adjacencies and optimal traffic patterns. Record of existing furnishings can be performed as part of this phase if needed.
  • Site Evaluation and Analysis – Review of the current conditions covering weather, environment, site adjacencies, topography, sound, traffic, views/site lines, landscaping, utility specifications, zoning requirements and evaluation of current and suggested construction.
  • Specification Preparation – Advancement of a signed account of the job that explicitly details the construction designs and all contractual commitments. Terms are developed following the latest “Masterspec” format and have equal priority as they are created concurrently with the drawings.
  • Technical Consultation – Study, evaluation and suggested actions of multiple technical construction obstacles containing, but not limited to, masonry failures, differential structural tendencies, water infiltration and moisture condensation and any other issues.

Titleist Building Systems provides detailed interior and exterior designs on all Architectural projects. Options are given to customers looking for alternate layout solutions. We understand that sound building plans are just one element of the success of a project. We make every effort to provide premium, value-add service as well as prompt problem resolution for jobs small, large, simple or complex.

TBS has a reputation for tackling large and complicated designs as well as resolving all engineering obstacles promptly. No matter the design, TBS knows that early preparation is the essential to ensuring that your overall company objectives are defined and well focused as well, your job is created and built on time and also within budget.

Making use of years of experience, Titleist Building Systems are experts in providing all the essential documentation such as state and county code compliance, permits, quote solicitation and plan drawings.