Running out of space?  Contact Titleist Building Systems to design and build additional space in your existing environment.

Titleist Building Systems is a full-service contractor, offering new construction including build-out and remodeling services. Services can be to new and existing spaces. Our team of building professionals at Titleist can manage your business projects, such as all renovations, remodeling, office build-outs or any other build-out necessary for your growing business.

Our experience and expertise in all phases in the commercial building industry prepare us to manage any unexpected difficulties that may occur during any commercial build-out or renovation project. All sub-contractors we used are well established with many years of experience. All individuals know every expectation throughout each phase of all processes. This excellent communication allows us to run a very aggressive schedule consistently meeting critical completion timeframes while working around businesses that must remain open during construction

Office Build-Out

Titleist Building Systems

Every business whether it’s a restaurant or general offices will eventually run out of needed space and need additional room. Numerous times offices begin including tenant areas consisting of little more than four walls and a door. Customers quickly outgrow this basic environment and will need additional space.

The method of finishing this new area is known as the “build-out.” There can be lengthy discussions between the building owner (landlord) and the tenant over the following:

(1) What improvements need be achieved?
(2) Who will pay for these improvements?
(3) Who will manage the project?
(4) What will the tenant be allowed (or expected) to remove at the end of the lease?

These and many other questions must be thought out and answered.

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