Titleist Building Systems performs Estimating and Bidding with fair and cost-effective solutions:

GC Estimating and bidding:

Contractors must know how to estimate and bid construction jobs adequately providing a balance between profit and cost efficient pricing for potential clients. There is not a set in stone method pricing a project. Coming up with the most realistic cost estimate and producing the lowest bid is a tried-and-true approach which Titleist has proven to be very effective in providing.

Construction estimating is the manner in that a GC and, in some instances, an architect is selected to participate in the construction project bidding process.

At times, the only thing that weighs in the bidding process is offering the most inexpensive price to the client;  in other instances, the contractor’s qualifications are more significant—

if not the most significant requirement—than having the cheapest dollar costs.  Knowing how to charge for all construction objectives can make the separation in either success or bankruptcy for a general contractor. If a company does not know how to bid on construction jobs, they will have no chance at turning a profit or satisfying any client.

Titleist Building Systems has been providing bid proposals on construction projects over 35 years bringing a fair and profitable solution for both Titleist and all customers.