Titleist Building System offers a complete range of Engineering Services such as

mechanical, electrical, plumbing and more.

MECHANICAL items such as air conditioning, proper ventilation, and hearing are critical to building comfort.

Titleist Building system engineers are highly skilled in many HVAC systems. TBS works very closely with our clients to ensure all systems are planned appropriately for the proposed use of the construction while maintaining all client budget criteria.

All projects get evaluated for individual requirements. Relevant systems will be created such as packaged, roof-mounted equipment, to chiller and boiler plants, or geothermal systems.

ELECTRICAL engineering for all structures is essential not only in building tenant comfort but is fundamental in providing critical life protection measurements.

Providing a well-planned light design is a fundamental component in guaranteeing the entire space has the required light levels for the specific work environment as well as adding to the aesthetics to the workspace.

Power distribution and emergency/backup power are critical aspects of building design.

Engineering teams knowledgeable in these aspects of building design assures buildings are safe and will operate as planned.

The engineers at Titleist Building Systems are well skilled in designing electrical systems.

PLUMBING engineers ensure all water services and sanitary systems are planned accurately providing fresh, clean water while removing grey water from the site.

The plumbing engineers at TBS are up-to-date on public health codes ensuring commercial kitchen plans are safe for food-service applications.




Facility Assessments
Energy Audits
Infrastructure Master Planning
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
Feasibility Studies
HVAC Systems
Fire Protection
Central Chiller Plants
Central Heating Plants
Geothermal Systems
Industrial Ventilation
Process Piping
Energy Recovery
Temperature Controls
Building Automation Systems

Primary Power Distribution
Secondary Power Distribution
Emergency Power
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Power Conditioning
Fire Alarm Systems
Energy Audits
Utility Rate Analysis
Infrastructure Master Planning
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
Feasibility Studies

Domestic water distribution
Sanitary and stormwater design
Water heating systems
Facility assessments
Fire protection
Infrastructure master planning
Life cycle cost analysis
Feasibility studies