Titleist Building Systems cannot prevent disasters that can occur but we can help when acts of nature or other events do happen.

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Building and property repairs are frequently an aspect of owning or leasing a building. Dealing with electrical wiring issues, fires, flood damage, weather effects such as high winds, tornados and hail can compromise any structure. Titleist Building Systems can find the root of the problem and repair any consequential damage due to these circumstances.
Building and Property Repairs often include the following:

  • Masonry Repair – Moisture not only impairs the mortar that ties each masonry piece together, it also increases the risk of unanticipated decay of the bricks. When moisture reaches its way into cracks in bricks and freezes, it causes them to expand. If this happens, structural support will become compromised.  Replacing it will stop water from reaching the remaining pieces. Titleist Building Systems works with a quality brick suppliers to guarantee the best match to your existing structure when masonry repair is required.
  • Cement Repair – Concrete being one of the most durable products for numerous projects, like everything, it does not last forever. In time cracks will begin appearing on the surface. Ignoring this will impact the aesthetic appeal of the concrete.  Eventually, that crack will get larger, and that make the repairs much more challenging and costly. Therefore you will want to deal with the problem as quickly as possible to avoid further damage and expenses.
  • Structural Repair – Structural damage to buildings can be a severe issue. Water, fire, wind and many other elements can severely damage any environment. Structural damage compromises the integrity of your structure which could render it uninhabitable.  Titleist Building Systems can help protect the value of existing properties with Structural Repair service. Resolving all issues will maintain the value and availability of customers properties.
  • Roof Repair – TBS is extremely skilled in evaluating roofing problems and handling a variety of roof repair projects as well as storm, wind and hail damage emergencies in the greater Atlanta area.
  • Ceiling Repair – There are many reasons why ceilings may need repairs. One thing that all these projects have in common is that a professional is usually required to correct it properly. If repairs become needed due to water leaks, cracks, holes, or some other disaster, TCB can professionally repair and match any ceiling type such as drywall, popcorn, drop and all others.
  • Electrical Repair – If you have an electrical issue, ensure issues are corrected ASAP.  Some electrical damages, created by weather, or the old structures make them vulnerable to wire failures and other malfunctions. Electrical issues can lead to severe injury and problems such as fires damaging valuable equipment and structures. TCB will troubleshoot electrical problems and correct all problems preventing future troubles and expenses.
  • Plumbing Repair – Plumbing systems inside commercial businesses are critical to day to day operations. We work with property owners, facility manager’s and real estate developers on a regular basis. We understand your plumbing is critical to your business and will help resolve all issues.
  • Drywall Repair – TBS will repair water damaged drywall as well as nail pops, holes, and cracks in walls and ceilings. Our goal with drywall repair projects it to provide the services you need from start to finish promptly with high-quality craftsmanship. We handle all commercial drywall repair jobs.