Titleist Building Systems provides Full-Service Project Documentation Services.

At the architectural design process stage, the focus shifts from design to communicating the plan and presenting all information required for construction.

Construction Documentation is the point where the designs are transposed into the specialized language of the contractor. Working Drawings (construction plans) and specifications are prepared which determine all of the elements that are to be included in the building, where they will be located and how they are to be placed. Although this phase is primarily dedicated to working out the technical stages of the project, some design work also takes place. Also, light fixtures and finish materials (tile, carpet, paint colors, etc.) will be chosen.

It is crucial that the client request any changes to the project during earlier stages, as any change requests made while the construction drawings are being created will result in delays and significant additional expenses as well.

Additional Services

  • Client-Supplied Data Coordination
  • Project Coordination
  • Alternative Bid Details and Special Bid Documents
  • Project Management
  • Interior Design Construction Documents
  • Document Checking and Coordination
  • Agency Consultation
  • Statement of Probable Construction Expenses