Titleist Building System provides concise Estimations with the use of state of the art processes and procedures.

Titleist Building Systems estimating staff takes exceptional pride in continually employing advanced technology accessible within the building environment.

With the use of custom software, databases, and state-of-the-art technologies, TBS creates precise, thorough, estimates.

These estimates are presented to essential personnel in the field describing specific locations, task-specific crews, productivities, total costs.

We track, report, verify, and control workflows from acceptance of original designs to project conclusion.

Titleist Building Systems provides estimating services on a variety of construction and engineering projects.  Through our use of the modern software, our quality take-offs help our bids to be precise and accurate  By following strict procedures and accuracy, we increase the number of bids awarded – a winning approach when competing against other companies.

Being able to submit more accurate bids on time without increasing your current team size and utilizing the correct tool is key to us.  TBS takeoffs involve estimating, counting and calculating quantities of any given construction item included in the plans.  All take-offs are examined by specialized engineers and customized to meet each project needs.

  • Gather data and specifications; setting priorities.
  • Prepare construction budget by analyzing customer requirements.
  • Maintain specifications by identifying and projecting expenses for each elevation.
  • Evaluate offers to acquire by costing changes, additions, and site requirements.
  • Receives bids from vendors and subcontractors by defining materials; distinguishing qualified subcontractors; negotiating cost.
  • Prepare expense keys and price masters by updating information.
  • Determines cost variances by gathering and analyzing information.
  • Prepare specific reports by gathering, analyzing, and compiling information and trends.
  • Manages quality service by observing company standards.
  • Maintain coherence among corporate, department, and local business units by documenting and reporting activities, changes, and continuing needs.
  • Maintain professional and technological expertise by attending instructional workshops; evaluating professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
  • Contribute to company effort by achieving related results as required.