Titleist Building System offers a complete range of emergency building repairs from weather and other catastrophic events that may have damaged your structures.

When your property or place of business becomes compromised from mold, fire, water, wind or smoke, it’s essential to establish remediation solution immediately. Doing so will significantly decrease the possible damage and associated restoration expenses.

At Titleist Building Systems, we provide expert disaster restoration and cleaning services for commercial & municipal clients throughout the Atlanta area. Our services incorporate mold elimination and emergency water removal.

We can assess and respond to any indoor air quality concern for public access, institutional, commercial, or industrial buildings.

Despite your building’s square footage, purpose, or emergency need, we can accommodate an appropriate consultation and an array of timely and efficient solutions at the best value for you.

When you are accountable for the well-being of a building, you’re also committed to the health and well-being of those that work or visit it. Recognizing the circulation of fresh, healthy air is just as critical as the energy efficiency and reliability your systems. By managing indoor humidity, you can prevent mold and moisture from wreaking more havoc on your property.

Inadequate indoor air quality can correlate to lower work productivity, absenteeism, lost occupants, compliance fines, lawsuits, and worker’s compensation claims.

These risks and disruptions can arise well beyond the more obvious heightened utility costs and early equipment failures.

Flood and fire damage is visible, but frequently it’s what is left behind that produces the most destruction. Moisture from standing water can cause mold and wood rot. That’s why it’s imperative to act immediately by contacting a professional contractor to evaluate the damage.

No matter what kind of emergency hits your commercial property, the effects can be disastrous. No matter what the situation is, Titleist Building Systems has the experience to evaluate and remedy the problem. Our restoration professionals work quickly to repair the damage and restore your property

The key to proper building restoration is how rapidly you act to remedy the damage.

Please Contact Titleist Building Systems for all emergency repairs.